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FAX: (281) 485-6321 

Justin E. Brantley "Gene" - President, CEO & Founder


40+ years experience in the pipeline operations and construction business, started his career in 1977 with Houston based Big Three Industries, later acquired by Air Liquide (1986) with various jobs supporting metering, cathodic protection, valve maintenance and rebuild, pipeline construction and telecommunications.  Owned and operated a local manufacturing and fabrication facility, and worked in a joint venture with Senator Lloyd Benson's family owned business known as Highway Pipeline Intermodal, working in all phases of distribution, transportation and operations of various gaseous, liquid and cryogenic products, domestic and international via truck, rail, ship and pipeline.  In November 2007 and today is the founder of Integrity Pipeline Services, Inc. part of a multi-dicipline services company, the INTEGRITY SERVICES GROUP, serving the pipeline and industrial plant energy sectors.   Developed businesses internationally including the USA, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.   Memberships and Certifications include NACE, AWS, Composite Wrap, ASME, and a member of the ASTM G04 Oxygen Compatibility committee.

Candy Brantley - Vice President Financial Operations & CFO


18 years experience, working  in the pipeline construction and integrity assessment and evaluation process, previous work experience included 15 years at leading Houston law firm.  Developed the back office process that  Integrity Services Group uses today, and is part of the management team.  Manages multiple properties and investments for the business and is busy with 3 married children and  7 grandchildren.

Doug Lowe - Construction Manager, Maritime Industry (Texas & Louisiana Gulf Ports)


12 years of leadership and skills focused in the maritime construction industry.

Leslie Tiemann - TECO & Kinder Morgan Superintendent


11 years of leadership and skills focused in the pipeline and plant construction industry.

Tayler Gardner - Power Plant Director Of Operations


10 years of leadership and skills focused in the pipeline and plant construction industry.

Steven Hollis - Superintendent


15 years of experience & leadership focused in the pipeline and petroleum industries.

William "Shep" Shepherd - Cathodic Protection


Accomplished damage prevention and CP and Coating inspection, NACE/AMPP CP 2  & CIP 2 and API 1169 certifications

Brandon Richardson - Fabrication Manager


Accomplished Maintenance and Construction Management with over 25 years of field operations experience, including Estimating, Procurement, Scheduling, pipeline rehabilitation and maintenance, hydrostatic pressure tests, cleaning, horizontal directional drills, line relocations, fabrication of meter sites and facilities, as well as installation of piping and mechanical systems. Ability to manage pro-actively and effectively while managing costs and safety.

Donald Madere - Structural Rigging Superintendent


LaDonna Winningham - Office Manager


Danielle Decker BS GSP COSS - Safety Director


Michael Wood - Material Manager


Kyle Whitlock - Digital Transformation & Finance Manager


15 years as a Head Chef running the front and back office of fine dinning establishments in  Houston and Los Angeles.  3 years as a Enterprise Risk Management ERM & IT Specialists for Breslauer, Rutman & Anderson LLC a business management firm in Los Angeles.  Helping to move the company into the future with current trends in technology for costs and time management.

Justina Covey - Digital Transformation & Property Manager


Plans, directs and coordinates work regarding survey parties and related GIS activities, legal descriptions of land.  Mapping and drafting of projects.  ERP activities including accounting, payables, receivables and expenses.  Customer Services and Relationship, Quality Control.

Brian Hummel - Field Integrity & Damage Prevention Manager


Plans, directs and coordinates work regarding survey pipeline field operations, damage prevention and integrity management.   Brian has 8 years experience in pipeline operations, cathodic protection and damage prevention.  He is the IPS chief inspector and works with clients regularly to protect their buried assets.  Duties includes Customer Services and Relationship, Quality Control.

James Ashley - Field Integrity & Damage Prevention Specialist


Plans, directs and coordinates work regarding damage prevention and one call pipeline field operations.

Merced Trigo - Field Integrity & Damage Prevention Specialist


Plans, directs and coordinates work regarding survey pipeline field operations, damage prevention, one call and integrity management.   

Chris Wilcox - Electrical and Instrumentation, Project Management


Plans, directs and coordinates work regarding electrical, medium and low voltage and instrumentation related to plant and metering processes.